What is a Professional Arborist?

Here are 7 fun facts about Arborists that you may not know!

  1.  Also known as a "Tree Surgeon" or "Arboriculturist"
  2.  A professional in the practice of arboriculture
  3.  Focuses on the health and safety of plants & trees
  4.  Monitors & treats to ensure trees are healthy, safe, and suitable to property owners and community standards including; planting, transplanting, pruning, structural support, preventing, and diagnosing
  5.  Treats & prevents parasites, grazing, and predation including; installing lightning protection, remove vegetation deemed as hazardous or invasive
  6.  Plans, consults, and write reports; some arborists may provide consulting services, while others may perform climbing, pruning and planting, and some do both
  7.  Uses a variety of techniques to ascend into a tree, all depending on the situation, but usually trying to opt for the least invasive method of using a rope