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Watch the Rockwood crew use a Crane to remove trees with pinpoint accuracy:

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We provide professional advice and services in the care and maintenance of trees on residential, commercial, and municipal properties.  Let the Certified Arborists at Rockwood Tree Services help you maintain healthy and long-lasting trees to keep your property looking beautiful.

All trees will require maintenance at some point in their life cycle.  When trees are not maintained, disease, rot, and overgrowth can set in – sometimes with disastrous results.    Frequently, the maintenance work needed can be dangerous and requires specialized skill, we are trained and equipped to work safely in trees. Rockwood Tree Services maintains general liability insurance that insures the unlikely risk of personal injury or property damage associated with our work.


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Arborist Report


Our Certified Arborists are familiar with the by-laws in Toronto and Scarborough, are qualified to assist you with obtaining the necessary permits, and can provide an Arborist Report which is often necessary to acquire permits.

When you're looking for care for your trees, a professional certified arborist may be needed.  Adding or removing trees on your property may not be as simple as you'd think. In some cases, you may need a permit to plant new trees and/ or to remove trees. We will obtain and facilitate tree permits for you.

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Is Your Tree Healthy?

Our goal is to enable you to maintain the health of your trees. Our tree assessment services are designed to help you determine what shape your trees are in and take steps, if necessary, to allow them to thrive. Diagnosis of tree health problems and prescriptions for treatment. 

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Stump Removal

Once a tree has been removed, you are often left with a tree stump. Depending on where the stump is located, you may decide to have it removed in order to avoid a trip hazard, to replant or re-sod over the stumped area, or to avoid the regrowth of stump suckers/shoots. 


We Stand By Our Work.


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Excellent company. Dylan and his team are courteous , reliable and very competitively priced. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
— - Roger H. 8/12/2017
Professional quality service. Had a large decrepit willow over 2 storeys high dropping large debris. After a site visit and an aggressive pruning plan Dylan and the team went to work and made it safe in less than hour. The clean up was huge but despite a heavy rainfall there wasn’t a branch to be seen. Awesome job team Recommend you to all.
— - Kt L. 6/26/2017
Skilled, professional, and courteous. The great Rockwood crew recently removed a huge dead ash tree from our backyard, as well as a large over-hanging branch from a neighbour’s tree. The work was done quickly and the clean-up job was terrific. We would highly recommend them and will definitely hire them again in future!
— - Vladimir K. 12/12/2016
The team at Rockwood Tree Service Ltd. did an excellent job with the removal of 3 trees and the deadwooding of an additional 2 trees for my mother and I. The very friendly team was quick and efficient, and did an amazing clean up job on both our yards. Their offer to return and do some additional work, free of charge, goes above and beyond my expectations of great customer service. I was told it was “just what we do”. What a great way to run your business! I will definately recommend Rockwood to friends and family.
— - Irma P. 11/20/2016


The ROCKWOOD Guarantee

Rockwood tree service is a fully licesened, insured, professional and reliable choice for all your tree care needs. Our company is built by honest, quality work, 
With employees who go the extra mile to get the job done. No tree is too small or too large! Call or email today for your free estimate. 

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